Draw A Manga Page Every Week Challenge - Abort! Abort!

Abort! Abort!

As I worked on page #2 it became clear that a pace of one page per week was unsustainable, but I did manage to power through and complete it in about a month.

Working on page #3 though, with the initial inspiration and novelty worn off, it has become more clear that I’m not prepared to put in the amount of work that even one page per month would require, in order to get results that I’d be satisfied with.

While it feels within the realm of possibility, it would mean powering through considerable stress and frustration to maintain the pace and focus required, and that’s not something I’m interested in doing for months on end right now.

Brook draws a manga page every week challenge 2022 page #3

As far as I got with page #3

Rather than just let this challenge languish, I’m going to abort it definitively here.

I’m quite happy with the results I got on the first two pages, if nothing else they will serve as complete pieces that I can measure my future progress against.

I’ll use what I’ve learned from this challenge to calibrate my goal setting going forward. It will probably make sense for me to tackle smaller bite-sized projects on shorter time frames in order to be continually completing things, at least until my skills improve to a level that I can more reliably handle larger pieces.